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Portfolio of Artwork

  As a Santa Cruz County-based artist, I am known for my creative artistry, blending realism with a touch of whimsy on canvas. My portfolio includes both commissioned works, focusing on capturing the unique essence of each subject, and a collection of fun, expressive pieces that showcase my versatile artistic range.


Pet Portraits

Creating a pet portrait is a deeply personal and meaningful experience for me. As I work on capturing the unique essence of each pet, I am reminded of the special bond we share with our animal companions. These portraits are more than just art; they're a celebration of the joy, comfort, and unconditional love that these wonderful creatures bring into our lives. Every brushstroke or camera click is imbued with the memories and emotions tied to our furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Each portrait is a journey through the special moments we've shared with our pets, immortalizing their personalities and their irreplaceable role in our hearts. It's not just about creating a likeness, but about capturing a spirit – a lasting tribute to a cherished member of the family.  

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